Saturday, September 27, 2008

Audiovisual Materials

I have chosen the topic of audiovisual materials used in a school library setting because it is currently a hot topic of discussion among the library media teachers in our school district.

The question that has been brought up is:

Can a school library change the format of an item that has originally been purchased if it is damaged and cannot be replaced in its original format?

For example: if the school had originally bought cassette tapes or videos, can they make copies into a different format such as CDs or DVDs? One of the librarians in our district believes that this would be acceptable as long as it for personal use and is not re-sold. Most of the other librarians disagree.

I am planning on researching this and posting my findings soon.......

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ILONA said...

Wow that's a great question and I will look forward to learning more about your findings. I would probably lean to saying its okay. Maybe if you keep the covers of original materials on file?