Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taping Television Programs For Class Use

Consider the following scenarios:

An English teacher wants to tape this weekend's ABC's broadcast of the movie Romeo and Juliet to show her class at the end of their Shakespeare unit.

The swimming coach wants to tape all of the Olympic swimming events to show his swim team the proper strokes.

A 60 Minutes program on living on budgets is appropriate for a business/economics class.

Can these teachers use these programs in class??

The first thing to consider is what channel is it from? If it is from a regular broadcast station ( ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.) You have 10 SCHOOL DAYS from when you tape the program to use the program.

You may keep the taped program for 45 CONSECUTIVE DAYS total in which you can evaluate the program for possible purchase. After the 45 days, the program must be erased. Yes, erased! The teacher may not keep it for a similar unit she may be teaching next year.

Programs broadcast by satellite or cable may not be taped for school use without getting the permission of the copyright holder.


J. Urick said...

Wow, I didn't know it had to be erased! I have never done anything like this, but it's good to know. I teach The Good Earth to my 10th grade English class and I always see cultural issues on the History channel and whatnot that I could show them. Do you know anything about youtube videos though? Are we allowed to pull them up and show them?


Helen Weiss said...

Great question! From what I understand, YouTube does not permit downloading of videos for school use so it is best to locate the original source of the video and verify copyright clearance first.

Helen Weiss said...

On the topic of You Tube, some of the content on You Tube may be inappropriate for class use. Some teachers like to use TeacherTube which is more educationally focused. TeacherTube provides a place to post “videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill."